What time is check-in?
Check-in is 3pm. If you are interested in checking in earlier, please give us a call and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. 
Are camp cots suitable for adults?
Yes with some size limitations. Camp cots in our tipis or as additional beds are not suitable for people weighing more than 300lbs or who are more than 6' 2.
Can I cook outside my tent?
Unfortunately no food is allowed in or around your tent. Opened drinks (other than water) and scented toiletries are also not advised. This is bear country and in order not to encourage bears into our camp food items need to be safely locked up in your car! 
Will I see any wildlife? Are bears going to be a problem?
Yellowstone is known for its amazing wildlife and you have great chances of seeing a variety of animals and birds from the camp. Bears of course are amazing to watch but are dangerous if they are too close. The camp has a strict no food policy so as not to attract bears into the camp. In order to ensure our guests are safe a member of staff will be on site at all times should there be any problems. The safety of our guests is our utmost priority so you can relax in the safety and beauty of the camp without worry. 
Will I have electricity in my tent?
There is no electricity throughout the Camp. Solar pathway lighting will allow you the opportunity to take in a 1,000 star hotel room! The Milky Way is phenomenal from our location. That said, your tent will come equipped with lanterns for an evening glow and the bathroom trailer is lit all night. A charging station is available in reception for the electronics you absolutely cannot live without.

What is there to do at the Camp?
There is so much to do while visiting Yellowstone Country, but we have found that many of our guests enjoy spending a day relaxing at the camp. Walk to the river and fish a bit, sit in a swing and read. There's as much or as little to do as you like ... just let us know how we can help you.
Is the Camp family friendly? How about West Yellowstone?
Absolutely. Kids love it here! There's plenty of room to run and be free (ever mindful of the water, of course).  The town of West Yellowstone is home to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center and they offer an activity especially designed for kids ages 5-12. In this unique program, kids first learn about grizzly bear eating habits and then accompany the naturalist and animal keeper into the bear habitat to hide food for some of our resident bears. After the food is hidden, kids get to learn how bears use their sense of smell to search out food. Visit the GDC online for more information. The IMAX Theater is another great find for kids. The movies are usually specific to Yellowstone Country and put a great spin on educating kids about the nation's first national park. Another great feature (enjoyed by all local children) is the city park. This is a nice departure from the natural wonders of Yellowstone and gives kids a chance to do something familiar.
Is the restaurant at the Ranch open for lunch? 
Lunch is not available at the Bar N Ranch restaurant but there are plenty of places to dine in the park or in West Yellowstone. Alternatively order yourself a picnic lunch to take with you into the park 
When is breakfast served? 
A fantastic breakfast is served at the restaurant at the main lodge from 7am-11am daily. 
Is fishing available?
The South Fork of the Madison River flows through the camp. You must have a Montana state fishing license to fish here (or pretty much anywhere in the area). If you would like to rent equipment any of the local shops in town will be able to help you.
Is horseback riding available at the ranch?
Horseback riding is not available at the ranch but we do partner with a local outfitter to offer rides into the surrounding national forest. 
How far are you from the park?
Yellowstone under Canvas is located roughly 6 miles west of West Yellowstone on highway 20. This means that you can be at the west entrance of Yellowstone within 10 – 15 minutes. In fact, we're close enough to Yellowstone that as guests you will enjoy views of the mountains in the Park from  the  camp & restaurant.
How many days does it take to see the park?
“A lifetime” (if you ask locals) but for those of you with precious few days to spare…we recommend a minimum of two days. It is true that you can do a two day tour (guided or un-guided) and visit the upper loop one day and the lower loop the next, but if you've got a little more time to spend you should plan to take it and enjoy a leisurely trip through Yellowstone with time to stop and smell the sagebrush (so to speak). 
Should I make reservations for area activities in advance? 
We absolutely recommend that you make reservations as the summer is a very busy time! We are happy to make all your reservations for you and schedule your itinerary so just give us a call or email us.
What’s the weather like?
West Yellowstone is a small mountain community at an elevation of nearly 6,700 feet. This makes for unpredictable weather that keeps everyone (even the locals) guessing. Occasionally, in a very dry summer, the area is put on a fire ban and fires are not permitted. Our best advice for folks traveling through the area is to be prepared for anything and dress in layers because a 30 degree morning just might turn into a 70 degree afternoon. It does always get cold at night so do come prepared with warm sleeping clothes and a good coat! 
What’s the nearest airport?
There are a several options for flying into Yellowstone County. The Bozeman Airport (BZN) is located roughly 90 miles to the north of West Yellowstone. There are several different ways to get here from there, so Bozeman ties in nicely with a Yellowstone itinerary. Idaho Falls, Idaho (IDA) is located roughly 110 miles from West Yellowstone and while it isn't a perfect fit for a day of Yellowstone travel it's certainly a comfortable two-hour drive from the area. Jackson Hole, Wyoming (JAC) is home to a small airport located 136 miles from West Yellowstone and again, is a perfect match for a Yellowstone vacation. Flying in and out of Jackson makes for a nice little Yellowstone/Grand Teton package. West Yellowstone, Montana offers a small airport for summer visitors (roughly June through late September) and is located one mile north of our downtown. This airport (WYS) is serviced by SkyWest and is by far the closest option.
Do I need a car?
Rental cars are available at all area airports. Because of extended travel times, shuttle service is a little tough to come by. A company called Karst Stage (406.586.8567) provides a shuttle from the Bozeman airport and services both Big Sky & West Yellowstone. Idaho Falls is home to a new shuttle service, Your Other Mother (208.524.0021). However, given the size of Yellowstone having your own vehicle of some kind or a guided tour providing transportation is highly recommended. 
How do I get to the Camp?
If you're looking for directions ... please click here.
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